under the hill
chapter four:  on the road, part 1

Session Start: Thu Nov 02 18:03:58 2006
*** Now talking in #greyhawk
<Dania> [So, as I recall, we had seen some travelling performers and were approaching the tree they were resting under.....or did i miss a session since then?]
<DM> When last we gathered <http://www.illyria.org/20060921log.html>, the party was traveling east on King's Road toward the High Road which runs south, and was approaching a shady rest spot next to a creek.  You've seen the wagon of the Jongleurs, and are being hailed in a friendly manner by several people who are not obviously armed.
<DM> Kormack's map is here: http://www.illyria.org/map1.html
<CrazyJack> [we got a long ways to travel yet]
<DM>[ Melissa and Scott have told me how they're spending their twelve points.  Y'all others should get back to me on that before we play again.] 
* Jared calls out a greeting to the players.
* China eyes them warily, but puts on her best smile and unthreatening manner
*** Man has joined #greyhawk
* Man waves, and you hear his "Hail!"
* Man raises something to his eyes again, then lowers it.
<Jared> (can we see what it was?)
* Dania moves toward the shade, excited to meet such exotic people!
<DM> Several other people come out from around behind the wagon.  You are now 150 feet away, and can count four men and one woman.
<Dania> "Oh, this is so exciting, I've never been so far from Sanctuary before!"
<DM> All of you except jack have heard of Geoffrey and his Jongleurs.  The put on plays and puppet shows in and around Cratersville.
<DM> [a deliberately pretentious spelling, you assume]
<DM> Jared and China have seen them perform before.  They are the best the region has to offer, and are favored by the nobility.
<Jared> (Do they know us?)
<DM> They are celebrities, and none of you is important enough to know them. :-)
<CrazyJack> (lol)
<Jared> (how close are we now?)
<DM> A hundred feet away, and you can see that they are smiling, waiting for you to approach.
* Jared smiles.
<Man> "Well met, travelers upon the King's Road!"
<CrazyJack> "I don't trust them."
<Dania> "Jack, they are well known performers."
* Dania lowers her travel veil as we near the performers.
<DM> Some of the group ahead sit down again.  A small dog runs among them.
<Jared> Hail! What news from Cratersville?
* Man is a weatherbeaten man of perhaps fifty, with steely gray hair and a long nose. He wears a full beard and moustache, and despite the heat is dressed in an elegant vest of purple velvet, with a broad-brimmed hat to ward off the sun. His lips are rouged, and his eyes surrounded by liner, giving his gaze a piercing quality.
* Man tips his hat as you approach.
<Dania> "Hello."
* Dania squats down to see if she can pet the dog.
<Dania> Here pup!
<Jared> (Heh! Funny about the makeup!)
<DM> The dog does not approach you.  It seems wary, but not hostile.
* Man looks at Jared.
<Man> "I'd hoped to ask you the same, friend.  We are but late arrived from lake country."
* Dania smiles.
<Jared> (Where is lake country?)
<Jared> (Do we have any news we can give him?)
<DM> [south, where y'all are headed]
<Dania> "We've come from Sanctuary.  Nothing of note there."
<DM> [lol]
<Jared> (heh!)
* Man bows to Dania.
<Jared> "Well, there has been increased activity....from the…"
* Jared coughs.
<Jared> "…Others lately."
<Man> "Good day, Sister."
<Dania> "Good day, kind sir."
* Man takes no notice of Jared's comment.
* Dania smiles.
<Dania> "What news from the Lake Country, then?"
<Man> "But I am impolite.  I am Geoffrey, head of this troupe.  Perhaps you have heard of us."
*** Man is now known as Geoffrey
<Jared> "Yes, we have certainly heard of you!"
* Jared smiles.
* Geoffrey smiles modestly.
<Geoffrey> "Of course you have, sir."
* Jared suppresses the impulse to roll his eyes.
<Dania> "Even we at Sanctuary have heard of you.  A few of the Sisters have even seen your shows."
<Geoffrey> "Lorelei, dear, please come meet these good travelers afoot."
* Geoffrey beckons the woman, who was putting out a pan of water for the little dog.
*** Lorelei has joined #greyhawk
* Lorelei is a pretty woman in her early twenties, whose golden locks spill over her shoulders. Her beauty is marred only by an unfortunate growth on her left ear, a fairly common affliction among Illyrians. She wears rather too much makeup.
* Geoffrey clears his throat.
<Geoffrey> "Allow me to introduce my wife and partner upon the stage, the incomparable Lorelei!"
* Lorelei curtsies.
* Jared bows respectfully.
<Jared> "I am Jared Smith, from Cratersville."
* CrazyJack watches with interest.
* Dania smiles and bows her head slightly to the woman.
* Lorelei hesitates a moment before speaking.
<Lorelei> "Pleased to meet you."
<Geoffrey> "And how may we address your fine companions?"
<Dania> "I am Sister Dania of Sanctuary."
* Geoffrey inclines his head again to Dania.
* Dania looks to Jack and China to do the polite thing, and introduce themselves.
* Jared waits for the others to speak up.
<CrazyJack>"I am Jack.  Like, peace and love, man."
* CrazyJack gives the hippie peace sign.
<DM> A hawk alights in one of the nearby trees.  It's a reddish-brown one.  Very common.
* Jared looks at the hawk out of the corner of his eye.
* Geoffrey raises his eyebrows.
* China does a sweet curtsey and introduces herself graciously
<Geoffrey> "Ah.  Victory indeed, sir.  Well met, Jack."
* Dania moves a bit to be in the shade, and pushes back her hood, wiping the perpiration off of her face with a handkerchief.
<Dania> "I hate summer."
<Geoffrey> "Sister, don't let us keep you from the shade on such a fiercely hot day."
<CrazyJack> "Like, you should try the jungles of 'Nam in August."
* China moves with Dania into the shade
<Dania> "Jack is from far afield, and has only recently recovered from a blow to the head."
<DM> [lol]
* Dania sits under the tree, fanning herself with her hanky.
<Dania> "Much of what he says makes no sense."
<Geoffrey> "Wife, please make these travelers welcome."
* Jared looks around at the others Jongleurs.
<Jared> "And where are you bound, sir?"
* Lorelei pauses, then turns, sweeping an arm in a broad circle as she smiles at you.
* Geoffrey winks at Jared.
<Geoffrey> "A moment, sir."
* CrazyJack whispers to Dania.
<Lorelei> "Travelers, you are in the presence of Illyria's finest-some would say only-thespians.  We are for you, whether you desire comedy to make the pit roar or tragedy to wring tears of anguish."
<DM> Her voice is a bit flat, doubtless from the heat.
* Jared looks at Lorelei, puzzled.
<Jared> "You...would do a performance...for us?
* Lorelei smiles broadly at Jared, showing a lot of teeth as a posing debutante would do.
<Lorelei> "The great Geoffrey fears to essay no role, whether it be the highest drama…
* Geoffrey puts a hand to his chest, strikes a pose and gasps out…
<Geoffrey> "To be, or not to be."
<Dania> "Oh, Hamlet!"
* Dania claps her hands, delighted.

* Jared looks impressed.
<Lorelei> "…the lowest humor…"
<Jared> (What are the other players doing?)
* Geoffrey turns up the brim of his hat, and cups his hands 'round his mouth, crying…
<Geoffrey> "Skipperrrrrrrrr!"
* CrazyJack cocks his head, then bursts out laughing.
<Lorelei> "…to terrifying villains…"
* Geoffrey whips out some shades, slips them over his eyes, and intones in a deep, utterly flat voice…
<Geoffrey> "I'll be bahck."
* CrazyJack looks confused at that one.
<Lorelei> "Geoffrey and his Jongleurs can do it all.  Also available for puppetry and children's parties."
* Lorelei curtsies.
<CrazyJack> "Can he, like, do Herman Munster, too?"
* Jared applauds and cheers.
<Dania> "Who?"
* Dania applauds and laughs lightly.
* Geoffrey flourishes a hand at Jack.
<Geoffrey> "A connoisseur of the comedies, are you, sir?  But those texts are all but lost, and we purists will not interpolate."
* China claps a few times, squatting down beside Dania, her eyes scanning the camp and everyone in it.
<CrazyJack> "You should, like, check out the dungeon.  Or maybe Spot ate them."
<DM> The little dog approaches China, its stubby tail wagging slowly.
* Dania digs in her pack for a snack for the little doggie.
<DM> http://i29.photobucket.com/albums/c278/Cuel/gus.jpg
<Jared> "What is the farthest away from here you have traveled?"
<Dania> (oh, baby)
* China puts out a hand for the dog to get her scent before reaching to pet it
<Jared> (It's a fairy dog!)
* Geoffrey relaxes, as does Lorelei. The three young mean are sitting in the shade as well, apart from the rest of you.  The dog permits China to pet it.
* Dania offers the dog a bit of dried meat.
<Geoffrey> "You speak, sir, of our travels?  We have just left a much-desirous crowd at Skinny's Hall."
<Dania> (since she and china are next to each other)
<DM> The dog gulps the meat without even a sniff; this is a very domestic animal, in your estimation.
<Jared> "Oh, that is quite a distance away! And where are you bound now?"
<DM> You natives know that Skinny is a warlord who rules a band of mutants just north of Etlanna.
<Geoffrey> "We hope to retire for a space to my home in Cratersville, there to perfect our newest production--one to delight children of all ages!"
<Dania> "So, a bit of a break, eh?  It must be hard to live on the road.  I've heard that Skinny is cruel."
<Geoffrey> "We are not too proud, Sister, to offer to perform this production for you, here and now, to ward off thoughts of the heat…"
<CrazyJack> "Like, far out, man."
* Geoffrey makes a shy little cough.
<Geoffrey> "...had you any coins."
* Dania looks into her tiny belt pouch.
<Dania> "I've only a few coins for my travels."
<DM> "Yes, Dania and Jared each have coins."
* Jared takes out a few coins.
* Dania offers up a few of her small supply, thinking that these people may have more need of them than she.
<Jared> "We can certainly spread out some food, as well, to share with everyone."
<Dania> "Oh yes.  We've food to share."
<Geoffrey> "Wife.  Please attend to these good people.  Let us share water!"
* Dania pulls out food from her pack, setting it out for everyone to share.
<Jared> "Do you perhaps know Kormack, Master Geoffrey?"
* Jared pulls out some food, as well.
<Geoffrey> "Why, I do indeed?  A friend of yours, sir?"
* China takes out some of her food to offer with the others
<Jared> "We know him well, sir, and just came from his company."
* Geoffrey calls an order to one of the young men.
<Geoffrey> "Will, you lot let these fine folk take the best shade.  They are now paying customers."
* Geoffrey turns back to face Jared, satisfied that the company is sufficiently motivated.
* Dania has a large assortment of food, since the sisters sent enough to feed our small group for several days.
<Jared> "My master, Erik, knew him for many years."
* Jared sighs.
* China perks up an ear
<Jared> "Knew you Master Erik, perhaps?"
* Geoffrey nods.
<Geoffrey> "Aye, the smith.  He certainly seems well, though why he would walk in high summer when he can afford a horse is beyond me."
<Dania> "Walk? When did you see him?"
<Geoffrey> "Why, only two days ago, on the High Road."
* Dania glances over at Jared.
<Jared> "Where was he bound, if you recall?  And was he with anyone?"
<Geoffrey> "South.  We met him and conversed north of the lakes.  He was alone.  Searching for metal, he said."
<Jared> "Did he seem...himself?"
* CrazyJack looks at Dania.
<CrazyJack> "Isn't that the dude we saw in your convent?"
<Dania> "No, we saw Kormack, not Master Eric."

<Geoffrey> "I am not well acquainted with the man, but he seemed healthy, sir, and carried water."
<DM> Master Erik is a smith of Cratersville.  Ernie Kormack is the wanderer who stops frequently at the convent—he is China's uncle.
* CrazyJack nods.
<Jared> "I hesitate to press you, sir, but Master Erik has been missing for several days, and it is suspected he was...abducted.  Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated."
<CrazyJack> "Maybe, like, he was abducted by those fairies you keep talking about.  Heh."
<Geoffrey> "Why...abducted?  He seemed well enough, and unimpeded.  He carried a sack, and wore one of his swords."
* Jared shoots a look at Jack.
<Jared> "Careful about naming Them, Jack."
* Geoffrey looks at Jack, amused.
<CrazyJack> "Well, like, if it walks like a duck…"
* CrazJack shrugs.
* Jared returns his attention to Geoffrey.
<Jared> "Do you recall what the sword looked like? Was it unusual in any way?"
* Geoffrey is taken aback.
<Geoffrey> "He did not draw upon us, sir, nor did we give him any such cause.  He chatted most amiably about the heat, and moved on south."
* Jared nods slowly.
<Jared> "And this was two days ago, about how far away from here?"
<Geoffrey> "Twenty miles and more, sir."
<Jared> "Thank you. I am very anxious to find him. We feared he had come to some harm. We think THEY took him."
* Geoffrey raises an eyebrow.
<Geoffrey> "I believe you may be reassured.  His manner was not strange, sir."
<DM> The three young men are moving toward the back of the wagon, removing blankets.
* Dania pets the little dog and watches the area, unconcerned about anything else.
<DM> No motion on the horizon.  Besides yourselves, only the hawks circling above move.
* Jared still looks troubled.
<Jared> "Mayhap your show can take our mind off our worries for a bit."
* Jared goes to sit next to Dania. He looks quite worried.
<CrazyJack> "Like, I love watching Gilligan."
* Geoffrey smiles indulgently at Jack.
<Geoffrey> "Indeed, he is a classic comic figure, and the isle's roster a veritable microcosm of humanity."
* Jared sighs.
* CrazyJack nods at Geoffrey, and grins.
<CrazyJack> "Kinda like a fairy tale."
<DM> The younger members of the troupe spread a blanket in the deepest shade, which is next to the wagon.  They lead the two mules off to the little spring.
* Geoffrey frowns.
<Geoffrey> "Well, sir, it is a tale oft told."
<Dania> "Jared, I'm sure we'll find him. Good to know that he's been seen recently."
* Dania pats Jared's shoulder.
* Geoffrey smiles at Dania, waving a hand at China.
<Geoffrey> "And if the child would like to sit up front, I believe that this show may particularly delight her."
* Dania grins at China.
* Lorelei steps up to China, offering a hand.
<Dania> "I'm sure she would."
<Lorelei> "Won't you be seated, little miss?"
<Jared> "I just hope we can find him and save him."
* Jared smothers a grin at how they're addressing China.
<Dania> "We will. How hard can it be?"
<Dania> "We're resourceful and clever."
* Dania moves to sit near China.
<DM> Young Will pulls a couple of metal rods out, and swings a side of the wagon down, revealing a window with a frilly curtain over it.
* Jared is watching.
<CrazyJack> [as is Jack]
<Geoffrey> "We the Jongleurs welcome you, young and old, to our production of an ancient tale, enlivened with song.  Prepare to be thrilled by…"
* Geroffrey pauses dramatically.
<Geoffrey> "…Kayo The Prentice!"
* Geoffrey bows, and trots around to the back of the wagon.
* Dania smiles in anticipation of an amusing show.
<DM> From somewhere inside the wagon, and accordion wheezes momentarily.  Oops.  There is the sound of a quick, scolding whisper.
* Dania actually giggles a little.
<DM> The title flashed before you on a wooden board is "Kayo the Prentice," a title most of you (not Jack) are familiar with.
* Jared smiles.
* China grins
<DM> Two puppets appear, stock characters from many an old show.  The story introduces a wizard name Gratsiano, who lives in a castle, surrounded by his books and his familiar, a huge talking roach named Gemini.  Gratsiano, lonely without a family, builds a mechanical robot boy and casts a spell to give it a kind of life, and the three sing a sprightly tune, accompanied by a hidden accordion.  Gratsiano promises to teach the boy, Kayo, all the magic he knows.
<DM> The music,when it comes again, is better timed.  You may be watching the equivalent of a dress rehearsal.  The little dog, bored already, wanders off to the creek, where the mules are.
<Jared> (heh!)
<CrazyJack> "Man, this is, like, some far-out Alice in Wonderland.  A singing roach!"
<DM> As the action continues, the puppeteers get warmed up.  The voices, at first muffled, now project clearly through the little window.
<Jared> "It's truly fantastical."
<DM> Gemini the bug takes a liking to Kayo, and helps him do his chores, of which there are many, for Gratsiano has decided not to give the robot boy too easy a 'prenticeship.  The job Kayo hates the most, though, is mopping the floors of Gratsiano's castle, a huge stronghold to hide the wizard away from the world.  Kayo and Gemini sing a song about the drudgery of mopping.
<CrazyJack> "Like, I've known many a roach in my day.. .but never a singing one. Smoking, yes, but singing…heh…no way, man."
<Dania> "Shhhh.  Jack, we're watching!"
* CrazyJack frowns at Dania.
* Dania smiles to soften the rebuke.
<DM> One day a stranger appears at a castle window, a friendly sort called the Adam the Scowler.  His bald head and ridiculously large glasses make him a figure of fun, but it is soon apparent that he has arrived to tempt Kayo to misbehavior.  Promising to teach the boy some real magic, and to speed him though his chores, he sings a song that urges the boy to steal one of Gratsiano's books. 
<CrazyJack> "I think I know this story.  Well, like, kinda…in a weird sort of way."
<Dania> "Well of course.  It is a nursery tale."
<Jared> "What is it like, Jack?"
<DM> Geoffrey's voice handles all the narration, and you are sure that he voiced Gratsiano.  Lorelei's voice has joined in on the songs.
* Dania is entranced by the puppet show.
<DM> When the little robot opens a forbidden book, he learns a spell to split Adam in two.  The pair of Adams is able to mop twice as fast as Kayo.  In perfect two-part harmony, they lead Kayo through a quick-tempoed number called "A Magic Life for Me."
* CrazyJack looks thoughtful.
<CrazyJack> "Like, it's an old fairy tale...but i cant remember.  I think it's, like, a Disney story or something.  Y'know, Mickey Mouse, and all that."
<Jared> "Disney? Mickey Mouse? I don't know them, but this story here is familiar to me."
<DM> A young man leads the two mules away toward thinner shade, moving them as quietly as possible so as not to interrupt the show.  The little dog follows.
<DM> Suddenly the pair of Adams splits again, and there are four!  Then, there are eight, as concealed puppeteers flash row upon row of them, wielding tiny mops, sloshing water everywhere.  They sing to a marching beat, "Split, Mop and Split."  Real water slops out of the window, heightening the fun.
* CrazyJack watches the mules, and chuckles.
<CrazyJack> "Two mules for Sister Dania."
<DM> The music quickens, a hurdy-gurdy supplying an ominous low chord.
<CrazyJack> "Yes...Fantasia.  That's it!  But in a weirded sorta way.  Heh."
<DM> Little Kayo, frightened, flips frantically through his book in search of a spell to undo the havoc of the rapidly multiplying Adams.  Nearly drowning, he calls for help, but goes under as Gemini arrives to investigate all the ruckus.  The cockroach pulls Kayo out of the water as the wizard Gratsiano returns home!
* CrazyJack starts humming along.
* CrazyJack laughs, enjoying the weird show.
<DM> A drum rolls behind the wagon, and a hurdy-gurdy plays a powerful drone.  The wizard unleashes mighty magics, and with a flash the myriad Adams are gone.  Gratsiano cradles the still form of Kayo, and chants a tune that brings the boy to life.  Real life, it is soon apparent, as the robot is now a real, live boy.  Different puppet, and everything.
<CrazyJack> "Oooooo... aaaaahhh..."
* Jared cheers!
* Dania cheers and claps!
<Dania> "Oh, that is sure to be successful!"
<DM> Jared and China have seen such pyrotechnics before, in other shows.
* China claps as well, a wide grin on her face
<DM> Gratsiano forgives Kayo, and says that he should never have trusted the machine, that a living person would never have defied his father and made the mistake of heeding Adam's lies.  Gratsiano burns the book, and asks the audience's pardon as the little curtain falls on the puppet show.
* Jared stands, clapping and cheering.
<DM> The little puppets are flashed briefly in the window, making little pretend bows.
<CrazyJack> "Like, freaky, man."
* Jared whistles.
<DM> Gemini Cockroach appears alone in the window.
* Jared is watching.
<DM> "So be good, kids, and mind your parents.  Don't be like little Kayo.  Or I'm all that'll be left."
<DM> The roach ducks out of sight.
* CrazyJack chuckles to himself.
* Dania laughs.
<DM> While an accordion plays a merry tune, Geoffrey and Lorelei cstep out from he wagon.
<Jared> (okay, I'm an idiot -- split the ATOM!!! I am so dense!)
<CrazyJack> (hehe)
* Geoffrey looks quite pleased with himself. He waves Lorelei over to stand next to him.
* Dania looks delighted, her cheeks flushed
<Dania> (um, yeah.....and thus the roach!)
* China claps some more
* Jared whistles again.
<Geoffrey> "Thank you, friends old and new!"
<Jared> "Fascinating."
<Dania> "Oh, how wonderful!"
<DM> The story elements were familiar, but you have never seen them presented in quite that way before.
* Lorelei curtsies again.
<Jared> "The part about the Adam. Brilliant."
* Dania pulls out her little book and jots down a few notes on the performance, story elements, etc.
<Jared> "Who wrote this story, Master Geoffrey?"
<Geoffrey> "The tale is an old one, of uncertain attribution, to which I've added certain touches from many sources."
* Geoffrey's voice carries more than a hint of pride.
<Dania> "It went together very well."
* Lorelei speaks haltingly.
<Lorelei> "We have not produced this show in many years.  It was time for a revival."
<Dania> "Indeed."
* Dania jots a few more notes, adds a quick sketch and closes her small journal.
* Jared looks at Lorelei, but tries not to be seen staring.
<Dania> "You've certainly helped us lighten our day of travel."
* Lorelei smiles broadly.
<Dania> "I suppose we should continue though, the day is only half done and we've a lot of road ahead of us."
<Jared> "Master Geoffrey, have you heard anything of the Good Folk?"
* Dania listens as she stands pulling her hood back over her hair.
<Geoffrey> "Ah, the Good Neighbors.  They appear in many tales.  So intriguing, at once like us and yet…not."
<Jared> "But you know that they're not just...fictional. We believe that is where Master Erik went. And we have seen Them."
<DM> China is looking in the ammo bag that she carries.
* Geoffrey smiles faintly.
<CrazyJack> "I wanna see one of these fairy types.  Sounds like a real trip."
<Geoffrey> "So you have said, sir.  I cannot vouch for the truth of stories, but your Master Erik was in good spirits when we saw him."
* Geoffrey turns to his wife.
<Geoffrey> "Begin the strike, my dear.  We will be moving again soon."
* Lorelei smiles, and curtsies to her husband.
* Lorelei waves slowly to gather the young men.
<Jared> "I wish you good journey, sir. And my compliments on your new show. It's truly wondrous!"
<China> "Thank you so much for the performance."
<Dania> "Well, we should be off then, Jared, China, Jack? Are you ready to move on?"
<Lorelei> "Bring the mules!"
* Jared bows.
<Dania> "Thank you for your performance.  It was lovely."
* CrazyJack gets ready to move out
* Jared is ready to go.  He waves farewell to the performers.
<Geoffrey> "A pleasure, Sister.  May your road be a peaceful one."
* Geoffrey bows.
<Dania> "And may the Goddess bless your path."
<Geoffrey> "Yours as well."
* Dania draws the sign of the Goddess in the air in a ritual blessing for the troupe.
<Dania> "Well, shall we then, off on the dusty road--the yellow brick road, Jack?"
<CrazyJack> "Bring on the Munchkins."
<DM> [lol]
<Dania> "When I read the book, I did wonder if the Munchkins and the flying monkeys were mutants. Seems likely."
<DM> A young man leads to mules toward the wagon.
* Jared laughs.
<Dania> "But mostly, it was a pleasant nursery tale."
* Jared is looking all around.
<Jared> (is the hawk still here?)
* Dania heads to the road
<CrazyJack> "Mutants? It was, like, Oz, sister!"
* Jared heads after Dania.
<CrazyJack> "The only mutant there was, like, Dorothy."
* Jared looks at the hawk with just the left eye, and then with just the right.
<Dania> But in the end, as I understood the book, it was a dream, all in her head.
<CrazyJack> "Yeah, I can, like, relate to that one."
<China> "You think we are only a dream, don't you, Jack?"
<CrazyJack> "This is, like, my Oz, and, like, instead of the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the lion, I got, like, you three."
<Dania> "The nun, the traveler, and the blacksmith?"
* CrazyJack nods with a laugh
* Geoffrey , busying himself with hitching the mules, smiles at Jack's references.
<Dania> "I wonder which of them I would be."
<Dania> "Jared is our tin man, steadfast and true to the end."
* China grins a sideways grin, wondering to herself what happens to the dream when the dreamer wakes.
<DM> [and into heavy metal]
<Dania> (of course)
<Dania> "I guess I'd be the scarecrow then and China the lioness!"
<CrazyJack> "Like, you are all off to find something, and, like, I am trying to get back home, and, like…freaky, man."
<Jared> "But I don't think we are lacking, in the same way they were.  If anything, *I* am the one lacking a brain."
<Dania> "Jared, are you done with staring at the bird and ready to move on?"
* Dania grins.
<CrazyJack> "Like, I lack a Toto."
<Jared> "I was just....suspicious."
<DM> [yes, you are all familiar with Dorothy's story]
<Jared> "That little dog would make a perfect Toto."
<CrazyJack> "And, like, I'd look awful in red high heels."
<Jared> "We need a Good Witch to show us what to do next."
<DM> As if on cue, the hawk takes to the air....
* Dania watches the bird fly.
<DM> …plummeting toward the ground...
<Dania> Jared, sometimes a bird is only a bird....usually in fact.
* Dania looks at the bird, wondering what it is hunting.
<Jared> (what is the bird heading toward?)
<Jared> "Where's the dog?"
<DM> Not plummeting, but swooping...upon a little dog.
* CrazyJack watches the bird with disinterest
* Jared takes off running.
<Jared> "NOOO!!!!  Damn you!"
* Dania runs toward the dog.
<Jared> "Someone shoot that damn bird!"
<CrazyJack> "Toto!"
<DM> Inits, please.
<Geoffrey> 1d20
<DMhelper> Dania's init: Marginal (1d20(13)+d0(0) = 13 MOGA = 12+/11/5/2)
<DMhelper> Jared's init: Marginal (1d20(18)+d0(0) = 18 MOGA = 14+/13/6/3)
<Lorelei> 1d20
* China watches the bird of prey with interest.
<DMhelper> China's init: Ordinary (1d20(16)+d0(0) = 16 MOGA = 17+/16/8/4)
<Dania> (Well, aren't we just the fastest people ever!)
<DMhelper> CrazyJack's init: Good (1d20(4)+d0(0) = 4 MOGA = 15+/14/7/3)
<DM> 1d20
* DMhelper throws the bones for DM (1d20) and gets 8.
* Jared screeches in a loud voice, trying to match the sound of a hawk.
<DM> [PER feat, Jared]
<DM> [sorry, no, just jared]
<CrazyJack> (ok
<DM> China and the hawk go first.
<DM> [is China just watching?]
* China just watches
<DM> 1d20
* DMhelper throws the bones for DM (1d20) and gets 12.
<DM> The hawk swoops in on the dog...
<DM> The dog barks and tries to Dodge.
<DM> 1d20
* DMhelper throws the bones for DM (1d20) and gets 5.
<Jared> (GOOD dog!)
<DM> The hawk shoots on past, with the dog turning on it.
<DM> Gimme a Throw roll, please, Jack.
<DM> [checking with the rules master...I'm nt quite clear on range penalties.]
<DM> Okay, the hawk is *not* wheeling about to try again for dog meat.  In fact, it's lost a couple of feathers and is a slow to gain altitude again.  It screeches its outrage.
<Dania> (yay Jack!)
<DM> Jack, thinking quickly, grabbed a rock off the ground, and threw it like a grenade...but with even better accuracy.
<CrazyJack> (and no explosion ;-)
<CrazyJack> "The hawk is, like, probably just hungry.  Just scare it off
<Jared> (Maybe it'll be like that cat and bear picture I posted on my blog!)
<Geoffrey> "Princess!  C'mere, girl!"
* Lorelei raises her hands to her mouth, and calls.
<Lorelei> "Princess!  "C'mere, girl!"
<Jared> (http://www.lynnesimpson.net/blog/2006/10/31/its-not-arrogance-if-you-can-do-it/)
<CrazyJack> (lol!)
<DM> Jared hauls tail to where the dog is.
<DM> The dog yaps, furious at the hawk's effrontery.
* Jared pulls out his sword and waves it overhead in the hawk's direction.
<DM>  'Princess' is leaping into the air, barking, having a hard time tracking the hawk in all this sunlight.
* Dania stops, glad that the dog has not been eaten by the hawk.
* China covers her mouth, hiding a snigger at the sword waving, and watches the hawk fly.
<DM> This is a hawk that is never coming back.
<DM> [<marvin>"Where's the earth-shattering kaboom?"</marvin>]
<Dania> "Now, we should get back on the road."
<Geoffrey> The other hawks circle at a prudently higher altitude now.
<Jared> (do we know if it's normal for hawks to behave that way?)
<DM> The other hawks circle at a prudently higher altitude now.  Yes, hawks are known to dive for small mammals.  A dog is a little big, but these might have been very hungry.  Jack has firmly discouraged them.  Dog is off the menu for now.
* CrazyJack picks up a few more fist sized rocks and stuffs them in his pocket
<China> "Pretty good arm and eye there, Jack."
<DM> The dog barks once more, and turns to trot back toward the wagon.
<CrazyJack> "I was a pitcher in high school."
<China> "High school?"
* CrazyJack nods
<China> "Is it raised off the ground somehow?"
<Jared> Excellent work, Jack!
<CrazyJack> (LOL
<Geoffrey> Wife, thank our new friend.
* CrazyJack laughs
* Lorelei approaches Jack, and curtsies.
<Lorelei> Thank you, sir, for helping my little dog.
* CrazyJack looks noticeably uncomfortable
* Lorelei turns to look for Princess.
<CrazyJack> like.. um.. couldnt let toto get picked off like that
* China looks puzzled at his laughter, but does not pursue the question further
<Dania> (I'll get you my pretty! And your little dog too!
<CrazyJack> (oh just hush and melt already
<Jared> (heh!)
* Geoffrey tips his hat to jack.
<Geoffrey> Well struck, sir.
<DM> I'm obliged.
* CrazyJack waves his hand "it was like.. no big deal"
<Dania> Well, we should move on, now that Princess is safe!
<Geoffrey> So might many a hero named Jack say, sir.  Well, then, have a care which giants you slay!
* Dania heads toward the road again, groaning as she pulls her veil to cover her face.
<Dania> This thing is so hot, but it would be improper for me to be on the road without it.
* CrazyJack gives a curt wave and follows dania
<CrazyJack> like.. who's gonna know sister?
<Dania> I would know.
<CrazyJack> so you get hot and remove your cloak.. there aint nobody around
<DM> The players are packing up again.
* Lorelei carries Princess.
<Dania> It is to make us, all of the sisters, alike when we're away from Sanctuary. We go veiled because then we are all alike, neither young, nor old, beautiful, nor ugly, we are just the same.
<Jared> We will see someone long before they're close enough to know, Dania.
<DM> One of the younger men laughs, briefly.
<Jared> (What was he laughing at?)
<DM> [roll a secret INT feat to see whether you know.]
<DM> [No obvious cause for the laughter.]
<Jared> "I'm just glad the dog is safe. I just couldn't bear the idea that she might be carried off and ripped to shreds."
<DM> You may refill canteens at the creek.
* Dania refills her canteen.
* CrazyJack refills his canteen
<CrazyJack> (i do have one right?)
* China does, as well.
* Jared refills his canteen.
<DM> [Yes, you are all outfitted with such basics.]
<Dania> Its 10, I have to go....sorry!
<CrazyJack> wow.. time flies
<China> nighters
<Dania> Night!
*** Dania has quit IRC
<CrazyJack> gg folks!  cya next wed
<China> yes it does -- great session all
<DM> Omay, we can stop here.
<DM> Okay, even.
<DM> Well done, all!Q
<China> lol
<China> thanks john
<Jared> take care, y'all!!
<CrazyJack> off to bed.. good night!
<DM> Sorry I can't type.
<China> much fun
*** Jared has quit IRC
<China> nighters all
<DM> Thank you, everybody!
*** CrazyJack has quit IRC
*** China has quit IRC
<DM> I will work up your character upgrades.
*** Lorelei has left #greyhawk
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*** Disconnected
Session Close: Thu Nov 02 23:04:46 2006


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