under the hill
the player characters

Sister DaniaGina plays Sister Dania, who has lived all her life at the Sanctuary of Ste. Mary Ann, where she was left a foundling.  Dania takes pity on a mysterious visitor to the convent.  Is he as mad as everyone else thinks, or has he really come from out of the past?

"Crazy" Jack NesbittScott plays "Crazy Jack" Nesbitt, who has been in and out of VA hospitals since he returned from Vietnam.  He is thrown forward in time to baffle the people of the Atom Age, and just wants to go home!  Will the fairies permit this?

ChinaMelissa plays China, a former assassin for the Knights of Purity--and a mutant.  She plans to enter Faerie in pursuit of a dream.

JaredJared, a journeyman swordsmith from the town of Cratersville, who embarks on a trip under the hill to rescue his old master and friend.

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